Dear Pierre,

Julie put it succinctly below, but I’ll give you the extended version. It was a smashing success. One guest told us they don’t usually like weddings but they loved ours, it was “glorious” (a friend from L.A.), “unbelievably fun” (my nephew), one of the musicians said it was one of the best weddings he had ever done, numerous others congratulated us for “really pulling it off,” we recieved an email on Monday morning from guests who had flown back to London thanking us for a wonderful time, and so on and so forth.

Everything was what we could possibly have hoped for. The weather, the setting, the catering, the music, the ceremony, the speeches, the mix of guests, the whole atmopshere. People raved about the food, and some of our more detail-oriented guests singled out the service as well. They said it was outstanding—smooth, deft, and friendly without being intrusive—and indeed it was. The crew was excellent, and we’d like you pass on a thank-you to all of them, but most especially to Joseph. On both Saturday and Sunday he was all we could have asked for, always there whenever we needed him and with just the right touch. He is the consummate professional.

The one regret I had was that neither of us got to taste the turkey lollipop or the haricot with popcorn. I understand from guests that these were two of the best items of all, the haricots in particular. We were glad you stuck to your guns on that one, as we had our doubts (which continued even after you met us at our house). It was the right decision, and it gave me a petite histoire to tell everyone when they told us about them. It is, of course, unfortunate to have to rely on others’ detailed description of precisely how and why they were so good; and I’m especially envious of my brothers, both of whom appear to have had two each, but that is often the lot of hosts and we’ll make up for it the next time we go to a Daniel et Daniel event. \

Thank you so much for helping to make it such a great success. Julie and are both supremely happy with how it all turned out, and our guests all had a magnificent time. Your service fit in exactly with what we had planned and held it all together beautifully. You should be very proud to work for Daniel et Daniel.

Best regards,