Dear Ms. Collin;

I hope that you will pass along my highest compliments to your chef(s) and catering staff who prepared and served such a stunning buffet for Spirit of Toronto. With the emphasis on the whisky, much of it otherwise inaccessible to many of the attendees, it is very difficult for food choices to compete. In the last two years in particular, although I certainly remember the whiskies I sampled, I find that it is the food that your team has prepared which is the subject of conversation for weeks on end. I recall my partner saying this year, “I hope they bring back those Yorkshire pudding and roast beef cups…” and you most certainly did not disappoint. The pears (poached?) prepared with Goldschlager and served with the warmed brie in phyllo pastry were absolutely brilliant, and the highlight of a wonderful sampling of food to compliment the whiskies. My one regret is that I live in London, Ontario and will have to wait until next year to enjoy your food again. I will definitely recommend you to my friends who live in Toronto and those who are planning an event in Toronto.

I hope we will see you again next year. Many thanks for making our experience at Spirit of Toronto so wonderful, year after year.