Dear Robin:

I would like to thank you, your catering staff and service staff for doing such an outstanding job for my birthday party on Saturday evening. As you discerned, organizing an event of this sort is not something that I do on a regular basis, so a combination of having to work on Saturday, the snowy weather and organizing friends and family to help with the preparations was a wee bit stressful.

First, you did a wonderful job of looking after things from the moment I called. You managed to work around my schedule, as well as working with Norm on the site logistics.
Second, the food just absolutely impressed everyone – naturally!! It was outstanding, original and inventive, and I am so glad you talked me into keeping the french onion soup tarts. Mum and I have split the few remaining ones, and are devouring them tonight.
Third, your wait staff did an outstanding job, they were so friendly and helpful, not just with the food and wine, but with taking coats. Please let them know how wonderful they were, since they were almost too shy to take a bow in front of our family and friends.

It was a lovely evening, and Daniel et Daniel was an integral part of its success. Bravo!

Keep doing what you’re doing! Sincerest thanks,