A note to confirm that last nights dinner was a huge success!

Marilynn was over the moon and said her guests enjoyed every bite of the food. Her guests are all distinguished professionals with exquisite taste and they were impressed not just with the quality of the food but it’s lovely presentation.  A tough crowd to please and yet they were raving over what you put together.

I have a different set of accolades!! Thank you for putting together something that was easy for Marilynn to serve to her guests – these subtle touches are the ones that make hosting duties so much easier.  And when Marilynn is happy I am relieved!

And finally, I want to share with you:  there were actually five guests plus Marilynn at the dinner party. We order for eight so there is a little extra. Marilynn’s husband ate two portions by himself and then was mad at himself for not leaving more room for the desserts, haha! I think his feedback is the best!!!

A very long winded way to say thank you for everything, once again it has been so amazing to work together.