Dear Laura,

That lamb absolutely melted in my mouth! It was to die for. The catering of the RCI Gala Dinner held at MaRS on Thursday April 22nd was exceptional. When we asked you to create an elegant “Comfort Food” menu on a limited budget, I was worried that we would sacrifice something. But boy was I wrong. As I watched the service staff collect plates from all three courses, they had been scraped clean. And as the feedback comes in the common theme is how tremendous the food was.

Laura, I would like to personally extend my heartfelt thanks for all of the work that you did on this year’s RCI Gala Dinner. I know that Daniel et Daniel have done this event for several years for very little money and the RCI is very appreciative of your support. Despite the lack of remuneration for the Dinner though you worked tirelessly to create the perfect menu, help find ways to keep our budget in line and come up with elegant touches to make the event even better. And for that you will have the RCI’s and my undying support.

On behalf of WaterCooler, and my client RCI I would like to thank you and your entire team for making our event such a success. I look forward to working with you all again in the very near future.