Hi Tom;
I work in the Marketing Services group for McGraw-Hill Education’s Professional division and I just wanted to take a minute to sing Jake Curl’s praises for our recent customer appreciation event at Ripley’s last Sunday, May 15th. I’m guessing anyone who has ever worked with Jake would not be surprised by my absolute appreciation and respect for Jake not only doing his job well but doing it with passion, alacrity, kindness and all-around amazing customer service. It isn’t easy to run an event without being on-hand nor ever having visited the venue, but from the get-go, Jake gave me the confidence that we could have the stellar event that we had – with very high praises for everything served – and apparently, well-consumed! I can’t thank him enough for being the lynchpin to making this a successful event – all the MORE successful because (not sure if you heard), a competitor had their party at the very same venue, the night before! Fortunately the structure of the evening was different and most importantly, so was the caterer! Thanks again to your establishment as represented by the superlative skills of Jake Curl!