To Whom it may concern:

We recently hosted our 2011 Rogers Corporate Recognition Awards at the historic Design Exchange, downtown Toronto. This event was a tremendous success from all aspects, especially from a cuisine and ambience perspective.

In previous years, we have hosted this event at the Liberty Grand. and knew that there would be challenges moving to a different venue. ever Jake Curl and Daniel et Daniel changed all that. This was the MOST impressive and successful event of all time-Since 2000 when we first started formally recongnizing our employees.

Jake immediately made an impression with me as someone who is calm, yet enthusastic, clever, fun, the ultimate professionalism and honesty, someone who cares so much that the experience he facilitates is one-of-a-kind. He makes everyone feel so special, and so important-every member of our team felt thatway, and told me so. When we were taste-testing and narrowing down the caterers, I was immediately drawn to Jake for his approach to catering and making it not feel like work, if you know what I mean. It was all very organized adventure, and the food was the highlight mentioned by every attendee-just an amazing culinary experience.

Jake works well under pressure, in fact you never know if he actually feels pressure. Jake was very flexible with some last minute table and menu changes. I would not hesitate to recomment Daniel et Daniel as a catering partner.

Sincerely and garciously,