I am so happy that I chose Daniel et Daniel to help Forty-fy My New Fort! My people are stil‎l aglow from the beautiful, delicious food and the wonderful service. My friends are beyond impressed that I served more than pretzels and cheese puffs at my party. Furthermore, everyone has a crush on the wait staff. (I admit, my gatherings will never feel the same without them. They even helped me to decide which outfit to wear!)

Notable highlights: the veggie samosas (they vanished within minutes), pear and goat cheese spring rolls (coworkers who came to the party asked if I brought any of these to share for lunch), and the exceptional professionalism and friendliness conveyed by your staff.‎ Despite the larger-than-expected crowd, limited space, and increased temperature in my kitchen, they maintained utmost composure and approached everyone with a genuine warmth. I’m not certain that I would have offered as many smiles if I had to exert as much labor as they did on Saturday.

Another noteworthy detail: I didn’t have to wash a damn thing on Sunday morning! It was a real shock to my system to not wake up to an apocalyptic mound of dishes in the sink.

At least three of my friends have mentioned that they are going to look into Daniel et Daniel for their events in the near future. One would be for a birthday for a 16-year-old in Whitby. Do you cater in suburbia?

I, of course, will definitely call you for my next milestone shin dig. Maybe I’ll host a “Sweater Burning” or a “Farmer’s Tan is the Reason for the Season” party in the near future, just for another taste of your Mini Beef Wellingtons‎.

Thank you so much for all the time you’ve put into coordinating my funfest! Daniel et Daniel has exceeded my expectations. Thus, entering my 40s is turning out to be better than I had imagined.