Hi Laura!

Saturday was absolutely the best day of my life. And I know that was due in such a large part to the professionalism, experience and foresight of you Laura, and your team at D et D. Everything flowed so beautifully and I have not a single complaint about the day or service. The staff were excellent; attentive and friendly! The food was delicious and PLENTIFUL! Though, I barely ate because there were so many people to talk to and hug and I think endorphins and excitement completely replaced my appetite. I am really glad we did the tasting with you so I knew that everyone was eating well and I was eating vicariously through them 😉 I received so many compliments on the caliber of the food and have been told by many that it was the best wedding they’d every been to! So thank you for that.

I had such a great time, I am already thinking up events we might need catering for again in the future… Can I get married again next year so we can do that night all over again???

Thank you for working so hard for us and putting together such a smoothy run, fun event!