Hi Melinda,

Adrian and I would like to thank you to you and the staff at Daniel and Daniel for all that you did to make our wedding such a special and memorable day.

When Adrian and I started brainstorming our must haves for the wedding and reception, the top thing on both of our lists was good food. You see, for lack of a better word, we’re both huge foodies and spend a lot of time in the kitchen or going out to try new restaurants. The food that D&D made exceeded our expectations and was truly delicious.

Plus you made one bride very happy with the pink lemonade – I had many glasses of it! So often the food is unmemorable at weddings or people complain about it; but I’m happy to share with you that this definitely was not the case with us! I can’t tell you how many people came up to us and told us how tasty the food was – and this includes people who are foodies and some very picky eaters. We had one guest – Adrian’s 2 year-old niece, who has a lot of food allergies and is very hesitant when it comes to trying new food – who loved the mashed potatoes; I think she ate a whole plateful of them! And people are still talking about the food three weeks after the wedding!

I also wanted to tell you about one of your staff/waiters (unfortunately I don’t remember her name). My sister-in-law Melanie was unable to partake in the cocktail hour on the second floor because she had to feed her newborn son. One of the wait staff, upon finding this out, made a point of going to get her some food so she wouldn’t miss out on the hors d’oeuvres. The waiter also made sure that Melanie had everything she needed in order to warm up my nephew’s bottle. Melanie was very grateful, as were Adrian and I upon hearing about it afterwards. It is this attention and care that sets D&D apart from other caterers. I would highly recommend D&D to anyone that needed a caterer.

We would also like to thank you for stepping in at the last minute and making sure that everything turned out like we wanted it to. Thank you! The venue looked amazing and everything went like clock work on the day of.

Wishing you all the best,