Laura Long;

Again and again I am reminded why I keep going back to Daniel et Daniel, this past Saturday night was no exception.
I am amazed at how many pleasant and accommodating people you manage to hire, retain and always seem to send to me. Never met a Daniel et Daniel  person I wasn’t impressed with.

On that note, a special thank you to Steven…knowing he was there, I felt completely at ease from the moment he took my coat at the coat check to the minute I fell into the cab at the end of the night. He took care of anything and everything that came up even when it wasn’t F&B related.

And you…you are always a rock and I always know that with you as the planner, any event will come off perfect. Nothing is ‘not my job’ when it comes to you and your approach to event planning/execution and I appreciate that so much.
And finally, one other person of note…whoever the lady was looking after handing out the candy apples…when we were setting them up, she must have overheard me say that I wanted one of the Oreo ones and, when she saw that flavour running low, she put one aside just for me so I wasn’t disappointed!! A really nice surprise at the end of a long night. It’s that kind of person with that kind of attentiveness and thoughtfulness that goes a long way to making Daniel et Daniel look amazing.

Thank you and your team for the role you all played in making my event on Saturday such a huge success.