Laura, would you please pass on the Pastors’ heart-felt thanks and enthusiastic compliments to the whole team. The staff performed their many and varied duties like a well-oiled machine. From set-up to knock-down they all worked tirelessly to provide service that was seamless, unobtrusive, and always friendly and attentive. We, the hosts and our guests alike, were so impressed with everyone’s high level of professionalism throughout the night. For example, when rain began pelting down they instantly jumped into action to save the photographs and gifts that had been left on an outside table. With all that was going on, these things could easily have been overlooked by a less alert and observant team. Our sincere thanks to all.

And oh, the food!!! Absolutely every single guest raved about the dinner. E.g. “I barely had room for the excellent main dishes; the h’ors d’oeuvres were so good that I filled up on them.” (My absolute favourites by the way, were the mushroom bombs. Fantastic!) and “ This is the best, most tender and flavourful brisket (referring to the boneless short ribs) I’ve ever tasted.” and “These peach beignets are to die for!” and “That salted caramel budino. Wow!!” and so on and so on. Laura, everything was just as delicious as you promised. All the chefs behind the scene at D&D deserve our warmest gratitude (not to mention the Order of Canada) for their superb work. And the impact was made even better by the superb presentation of the dishes.

All in all, because of the wonderful efforts of the team, we were able to relax and thoroughly enjoy being guests at our own party, and for that we are very grateful.

Finally of course, I have to thank you, Laura, for everything you did in the months, weeks, days and hours leading up to the event. None of it could have happened without you. You were so kind and so infinitely resourceful as I peppered you with requests, repeatedly changed my mind and floundered about in all directions. You never lost your sense of humour or showed any sign of impatience (even if you felt it!). You were a pleasure to work with throughout this entire adventure. My sincere thanks.

As Toronto’s preeminent caterers, Daniel and Daniel certainly don’t need my small endorsement. Nevertheless, I will not hesitate to praise and recommend this superb company to all my friends.

All the best,