Richard and I can’t thank you guys enough. The night just kept getting better and better. Guests are still raving about everything from the venue to the food to the music. The folks from Enoch Turner said that the configuration in the West Hall was the most unique they have seen, and they will be recommending it for future events. It created the perfect atmosphere. Everyone had equal access to the dance floor, everyone had a great view of everything, and the long tables really encouraged conversation and mingling. At the end of the night, after the music stopped and cleanup was going on around them, we had friends and family who had never met who were all gathered in a circle of chairs on the dance floor telling stories like they were long lost friends. It was the most amazing thing!

As for the food, we’ve repeatedly heard “best salmon ever” and “best short rib”. The white wine selection got rave reviews and we drank all but two bottles! I would strogly recommend it in the future The food was of course crucial to making it a great party but what really put it over the top was the service. Richard and I didn’t have an empty glass all night and our guests felt absolutely spoiled. In particular, people are still talking about how fantastic Anna was. In between keeping everyone’s glasses full, she managed to delight the Hannaford uncles by letting them take her for a spin on the dance floor. And, I apologize that his name now escapes me in the hazy aftermath, but the gent who was in charge for the night – he was incredible. He sent Richard and I off to our hotel with a “survival box” of perrier, beer and wine. It was great.