The biggest THANK YOU I can offer is not enough! Who needs an outside event planner when you have Laura and Markus and Daniel et Daniel on your side! You made the event a breeze and the accalades are still flowing in from the guests! It was indeed a fairytale event. I want to give special thanks and recognition to Markus who, with the most positive energy, took over ALL aspects of hosting….including looking after the elderly guest and even dancing with my wife Kathie… Thanks Markus! I will demand that you be present at our next social event we have here, and I do trust you!…I cannot believe how you got the house so clean and in order at the end.

Looking forward to future events with your team of professionals, and please extend our graditude to your entire team….Too often one forgets to thank people for their excellence and professionalism, which all of your staff amply demonstrated…..and with a beautiful smile!!

Until the next time.