From the moment we sat down with you a few months ago, you were full of great ideas and suggestions, and “got” (and expanded and refined) our vision for the evening.  We had an awful lot of experienced party-goers in the group last night, and they were absolutely over the moon about every single detail.  From drinks, to hors d’oeuvres, to appetizers, to the lamb/moussaka/fish mains, and then the desserts, really things could not have been better.  (Just for the record, I had the moussaka for breakfast this morning, I liked it so much, and I believe that I may personally have devoured an entire plate of figs and yougurt.  We were left with a Tupperware full of baklava last evening, and the Tupperware is now empty).   The saganaki and tea/Turkish coffee bars were inspired ideas—not only were the items on offer terrific, but getting everybody outside the tent, under a full moon, on a beautiful evening, was a lovely change of pace and added a really distinctive element to the event.  I know that the serving staff are not your employees, but they were your choice— and they were uniformly professional, pleasant, anxious to please, and hard-working.

You were a pleasure to work with throughout, Laura—creative, knowledgeable, responsive, forthright, funny, experienced, cost-conscious and businesslike.  We had a lot of fun working with you, and we hope that you enjoyed the process too.   We very much appreciate all of the time that you took with us, including your hands-on attention and commitment yesterday and last night.

We treated our guests to a spectacular evening, and a great big part of that is attributable to your vision and knowledge, and to the quality of your team.  Many, many thanks Laura.