A new era commences…

Can you believe it? Daniel et Daniel Catering has started blogging!

For those unfamiliar, our company is a bustling Toronto-based catering and event planning business. Founded by Daniel Megly and Daniel Clairet, corporate and culinary talents respectively, their partnership has endured an exciting and fascinating 30-year history. The two Frenchmen, both hailing from Paris, felt an undeniable harmony when they first collaborated on a joint assignment for Toronto’s Auberge Gavroche in 1980. Convinced that more could come of their initial synergy, within the next year Daniel et Daniel Catering and Event Creation was established.

Although we have been active in Toronto’s hectic catering scene for nearly 3 decades (quite successfully so, winning countless awards and accolades), we have yet to dip our toes into the wider online community.

So here we are, ready to take on this new challenge and eager to share some of our stories, experiences and other news with you. We’re excited to use this blog as a platform for our thoughts on the industry, behind the curtain peeks at some of our events, food and drink suggestions and more…

We’re also launching our own Facebook page where you’ll find updates and photo galleries from some of our most exquisite events. Lastly, be sure to check us out on Twitter, where you’ll get a daily look behind the scenes with inside scoops on new menu items and glimpses of some of the delicious treats that are making their way into our foodshop.

As we take our first steps into these ventures, we’re excited about the prospect of forming new relationships and communicating more deeply with our local community and beyond (hey, that’s you!). So bear with us, as one small step into the blogosphere is a giant leap for Daniel et Daniel!

Signing off,

Guillaume ClairetA new era commences…