Easy Home Recipes: Our Chefs’ Personal Favourites

Being cooped up at home for a long period of time isn’t the most ideal situation for anyone.
With all this free time on your hands, you may be looking to try something new in the kitchen.

Luckily Daniel et Daniel’s Executive Chef, Karen O’Conner, and Head Pastry Chef, Bonnie Kravitz,
have shared a few of their own favourite recipes for you to try at home.
These recipes are simple and cost-effective, and will surely wow your family at the dinner table!

Guillaume ClairetEasy Home Recipes: Our Chefs’ Personal Favourites
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Tomato Tarte Tatin

As summer is slowly coming close (don’t worry we are still in denial too!), why not make the best of the remaining local summer tomato harvest? This recipe is perfect for highlighting Ontario tomatoes!

Guillaume ClairetTomato Tarte Tatin
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