Breakfast Catering – Reimagine the Grab-n-go Corporate Breakfast

Breakfast, the most important meal of the day, is all too often, overlooked, rushed and/or unhealthy. 

If you’re planning a morning event that includes breakfast catering whether it be a meeting, conference, seminar, workshop or anything else, your goal for breakfast should be to energize, engage and get participants ready to participate. 

Unfortunately, mainstream breakfast options are often carb heavy, primarily consisting of an unequal balance of baked goods, bread heavy egg-sandwiches and whole fruit platters. These breakfasts lead participants to consume unhealthy amount of carbs causing them to be sluggish and to compensate with copious amounts of caffeine. Is this starting to sound familiar?

So how do you get participants ready for a productive day while keeping your catering within budget?

  1. Replace the generic whole fruit platter consisting primarily of apples and bananas with berry fruit kebabs or small fruit bowls that can be eaten standing with a fork. While whole fruits contain a lot of fiber and easy to absorb energy, they are often awkward to consume in a professional setting and therefore go untouched.
  2. Introduce some overnight oatmeal cups or high protein granola bars. They are high in antioxidants, fiber and are easy to digest meaning more energy to participate.
  3. Steer clear of the high corn syrup yogurt cups towards fresh fruit yogurt parfait and Chia Parfait.
  4. Introduce fresh pressed green juices aka vegetable juice on your beverage station. While orange juice will remain a breakfast favorite, green juices are low sugar alternatives that have received a lot of attention for their health benefits.
  5. Rethink the bacon & egg sandwich served on an English muffin. There are more creative ways to conveniently get your egg protein in the morning without the associated food coma. Our Sunny Side up Galette and Egg and Quinoa cup are two ways of including eggs in a time crunched meal.
  6. Go mini with your baked goods. The body needs carbohydrates, we simply have a tendency to over consume them. Using mini baked goods including croissants, scones and muffins are cleaner to eat and allow participants to get the carbs they need while leaving room for other breakfast options.

All too often, mainstream corporate breakfasts fail to provide participants with the right fuel they need to get their day started, leaving them sluggish or worse over caffeinated as they try to wake themselves up with yet another coffee or tea. When securing breakfast catering the goal should be give people the energy and focus needed to participate, engage and collaborate in the day’s activities. The above tips are just a few simple ways to accomplish this while staying within budget.

If you would like to explore more topics around corporate breakfast catering including idea’s on how to elevate it, sustainable grab n-go options, or VIP breakfasts, let us know by leaving a comment below! Alternatively, if you would like to book our service to cater your event contact us today for an estimate.

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Breakfast Catering - Reimagine the Grab-n-go Corporate Breakfast
Easy ways to make your grab-n-go corporate breakfast catering healthy while staying within budget.
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