Earth Day 2013

Green initiatives lie close to our hearts at Daniel et Daniel and over the years we have been striving to make the footprint of our business as small as possible. For Earth Day we wanted to reflect on some of our sustainability efforts as we feel that committing to environmentally responsible practices is just as important as ensuring great events.


Oven Roasted Lake Erie Pickerel (OceanWise), Pine Nut Salsa Verde, Smoked Grapes

Ocean Wise is one of the programs we are most proud to be a part of. The program, originally launched by the Vancouver Aquarium and still a part of their ongoing conservation plan, now includes over 350 partners across Canada. With the program, Ocean Wise strives to tackle problems like overfishing, bycatch and habitat damage. We recently had a visit from one of their representatives who explained how these issues as well as different harvest methods impact the environment. Our favourite part? With the Ocean Wise iPhone App our chefs and planners always have access to the most up-to-date lists of sustainable seafood options.


Frites in Bamboo Cone

We try to send reusable dishes and platters to all our events but when it comes to disposables, we’re all about bamboo. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world and easy to cultivate and harvest provided the right climate. On top of being a great go-to sustainable choice, we think it looks fantastic as well.


On our premises we make our operations run as efficiently and green as possible. We partake in the City of Toronto’s recycling programs and compost 100% of our food waste in this way.

For more information on our green policies, check out our website, right here.
And find more information on Ocean Wise and Sustainable Seafood, right here.

Guillaume ClairetEarth Day 2013