With Canada’s birthday around the corner, Toronto’s catering scene has seen a surge in Canadian inspired menus.  From creative dishes featuring Canadian ingredients to new spins on staple foods, we found that patriotic dishes are trending this summer.

Our Home and Native Land has inspired us to share five of our favourite truly Canadian inspired hors d’oeuvres that have made waves on this summer’s hottest event and wedding menus.



Peach Tart – Ontario’s Sweetness
Goat cheese, Honey, Puff Pastry

Vegetarian, Hors d'oeuvre

Bison Tartare – The Esteemed Canadian Wood Bison
Bison Tenderloin, Caper Aioli, Beet Chip

Glueten Free, Tartare, Catering

Smoked Trout Mousse – Canadian Fresh Waters
Apple, Dill, Charcoal Blini, Beet Dust

Ontario Trout

Buffalo Wing Lobster Toast – Hello Maritimes
Hot Sauce Butter, Blue Cheese, Romaine, Chives, Ace Mini Loaf

Lobster, Catering Canada

Beavertails –  Montreal’s Settlers

S’mores Beavertail
Chocolate Ganache, Graham Crumb, Toasted Marshmallow

Beavertail, Catering Canada

Carrot Cake Beavertail
Cream Cheese Drizzle, Walnuts, Carrot Cake Crumb

Carrot Cake Catering Canada




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