Venue Profile: Trefenton

In this venue profile, we will be taking a peek at a brand new venue just outside of the city.

Trefenton is located on a large 50-acre lot with a forested perimeter and lush gardens for guests to enjoy. The scope and tranquility of Trefenton’s surroundings suits both private, intimate gatherings and corporate events and retreats alike. Owner and manager of Trefenton, Elizabeth Cole, developed her interest in event venues as a management consultant and executive leadership coach over the past 22 years. She saw the need for adults to work and play with others in an environment that generates both inner peace and dynamic energy. She discovered that if this need was met, an event would be more than an occasion; it would become such a strong memory that it would affect positive change in a person’s life.

Guillaume ClairetVenue Profile: Trefenton
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Happy Easter

Easter has arrived at Daniel et Daniel! Stop by this week to pick up some Easter goodies or give us a call to place your order! Below are some of our Easter classics as well as a few new ideas (Easter Chickadee Cheesecake Lollipops, anyone?). Of course, we will also have Hot Cross Buns available all week.


Guillaume ClairetHappy Easter
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Be my Valentine?

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! This year, instead of toiling in your kitchen to put together the perfect soufflé, let us take care of the cooking for you… We won’t tell if you don’t.

Guillaume ClairetBe my Valentine?
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A Celebration of Life, Jack Layton’s State Funeral Reception

Roy Thomson Hall, Saturday, August 27, 2011

“It looked like Hallowe’en in there!” chuckled a guest in full stage whisper as she exited the funeral service for Jack Layton into the North Lobby of Roy Thomson Hall.  The service had just ended and I looked at her to see her expression as the tone was light and, well, giddy.  She was already busy popping a mini Beef Wellington into her mouth as were the others around her, nodding in happy agreement.  Her statement was without guile; it couldn’t have been with any—she herself was wearing a somber black outfit that was accented with an orange Fascinator-like hat.  Her comment had just echoed the optimism of the ceremony.  She craned her neck, scanned the crowd and asked, “Where can I get a drink?” of the now empty-trayed, blonde waiter.

Guillaume ClairetA Celebration of Life, Jack Layton’s State Funeral Reception
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From the desk of…

Our VP Russell Day writes about his BoxedToronto experience.

Thinking inside the box

I was invited to dinner this Wednesday by my boss, Daniel Megly, co-founder of Daniel et Daniel Event Creation & Catering. He had been invited to dinner at “Boxed Toronto” and had an extra seat. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, of course I said yes—people don’t typically invite the owners of Daniel et Daniel to dinner at McDonald’s. I knew immediately that this would be a treat.

Guillaume ClairetFrom the desk of…
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