Top 12 Things to Consider when Selecting a Venue

There are hundreds of event venues in and around Toronto and the GTA.  When faced with so many options, how do you choose the right space for your event? The process can be a bit intimidating, so to help you in your search, our team at Daniel et Daniel has put together the following list to guide you in your decision.

Guillaume ClairetTop 12 Things to Consider when Selecting a Venue
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An Enchanted Evening at the Design Exchange

The Design Exchange has been ground zero for countless spectacular events over the years. Bursting forth from the former home of the Toronto Stock Exchange, it has been a significant host to Toronto’s event scene for two decades, setting the scene for myriad weddings, corporate events and fundraising galas. The interior of the former Stock Exchange is beautifully dramatic in its own right, but for a yearly recurring event we knew it was essential to provide an element of surprise.

Guillaume ClairetAn Enchanted Evening at the Design Exchange
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Under The Sea: An Evening at Ripley’s Aquarium

In December, we were thrilled to have the opportunity to create a discovery themed menu for the Grand Opening of Ripley’s Aquarium Toronto, a new special event space in the heart of downtown Toronto. For this opening, Ripley’s wanted to make quite a splash on the city’s event scene (pun intended), so our own senior event planner, Jake Curl and executive chef Karen O’Connor worked together to achieve their vision. They took guests on an exciting journey of discovery through the aquarium space with a menu that took inspiration from the visual cues of each exhibit.


Guillaume ClairetUnder The Sea: An Evening at Ripley’s Aquarium
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Venue Profile: Saint James Cathedral Centre

In this venue profile, we visit another downtown Toronto venue, the St. James Cathedral Centre.

The Cathedral Centre, originally built in 1909, recently underwent a three-year renovation process and officially re-opened in spring 2012. Adjacent to the Saint James Cathedral Centre is, naturally, Saint James Cathedral. While the cathedral was built in 1853, the St. James parish has been a part of the historic Saint Lawrence community since it was established in the late 1700s. The architecture of the cathedral church is in the gothic revival style and the spire -standing at 200 feet tall- was once the tallest building in Toronto. It is now designated a Heritage Property by the Ontario Ministry of Culture.

Guillaume ClairetVenue Profile: Saint James Cathedral Centre
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Venue Profile: Toronto Centre for the Arts

Want to add some drama to your next event? In this venue profile, we’re taking a look at the Toronto Centre for the Arts. Opened in 1993, this venue is home to some of Toronto’s finest theatrical and orchestral performances, and could be the locale of your next big bash! With three theatres and a shared grand lobby, the Centre provides four spaces that are as distinct as the productions and events that they’ve played host to.

Guillaume ClairetVenue Profile: Toronto Centre for the Arts
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